Trolls (Part One of Two)

From the Desk of Prof. José San-Simeon Guest Researcher at Exalted Doorway, Yet Unopened On Behalf of the University of Santa Rocha

It was only very recently that humanity made first contact with Trolls. They live deep in the forest, and we do not. The forest where the redwoods grow is dark and deep, and the ground runs down down down into the wild darkness of the world. In the heart of the wood, at the feet of the most ancient and colossal trees, are lands that have never seen the light of day. Deep woods of parasite vines and pale fungi rise from the black earth, in the shadow of the forest above. This is where the Trolls live. So as you can imagine, it was not until our most earnest lumber concerns reached their greatest desperation that we began to notice had a chance to meet them.

As it happens, Trolls differ from humans visually only in a few small ways: Their faces are eyeless, chitinous spheres split all the way around by enormous mouths, packed with rows of jagged teeth. The…

Pirate Radio (A Contact for Lighthouse)

Lighthouse is something you can see out the window, if you're sitting on the Throne of Salt. They did something with card-based resolution, which I've always been very fond of, so I've done a little writing on something they're fond of.

Radio Live Free
A station you hear through the static.

Nobody tunes into Radio Live Free by accident. Some loyal listener showed you how before they disappeared, or you got some strongly worded advice in a chain email from a friend you don't keep in touch with, or you read a weird creepypasta and decided to give it a try.

There are all kinds of different rituals: sometimes you have to dance under power lines. Sometimes you have to fall asleep to the static under the open sky. Sometimes you just have to be in the right state of mind. If it works, it rarely works twice.

You'll know if you do it right. The voice of Radio Live Free will crash through the static in all its joyous noise and start shouting at you. Radio Live Free is a ve…


A mechanical monstrosity like this can’t be captained like a ship, or lead like an army, or ruled like a nation. It is a monster in the purest sense- an omen of a profound horror to come. Some day, wars will be fought with these monstrosities, wars that level mountains and grind civilizations against the wheel until nothing is left but dust and guilt. Not today. Not tomorrow. But soon.
They are mindless, these beasts, all guts and glory. Their hearts pump black and acrid blood, their yawning orifices drip with rainbow drool, their stomachs belch smoke that chokes out the sun. They rage and laugh and topple towers in fevered delirium, or slip into a dreamless sleep from which they do not awaken for centuries or more. There is no one to guide them. No one but you.
They can’t be lead, or captained, or piloted. But their empty heads can be filled with genius. Your genius, to be precise- that intangible force as powerful and incomprehensible as the sea, that lifts you and flings you from one…

Deeper Roots

You are a VAMPIRE.


BLOOD- Power, Authority, Intensity

SUGAR- Humanity, Vulnerability, Sincerity

MAGIC- Monstrousness, Mystery, Grace

Roll d6+1 for each of them.

A 2 is just below average for a mortal. A 7 is as to vampires as vampires are to mortals.

When someone challenges one of your aspects, roll a d6.

If you roll under the aspect's value, you defend yourself from the world's intrusion, but exhaust yourself, and that aspect's value decreases by 1.

If you roll over the aspect's value, you accede to it and allow it to change you, willingly or not, and the aspect's value increases by 1.


1. Old Money- More than could be counted or spent. If a price can be paid in gold, you can pay it.

2. Devoted Servants- Ragged edges, desperate longing. If a price can be paid in blood, you can pay it.

3. Ancient Wisdom- Your memory is an oubliette where history rots and dies. You know 1d6 DARK SECRETS, but dredging them back up will challenge your MAGIC.

4. A Cr…

Poetic Truth, Material Reality

A post all about magic! ^_^ What is it? How does it work? Well, let's look at some examples:

In Roald Dahl's Matilda, the protagonist is a brilliant child in an environment that doesn’t give her any way to express or develop her intellectual curiosity. She sneaks home books from the library and reads them in secret. She develops a special relationship with a kind schoolteacher, who teaches her things the curriculum won't permit. 

But it's not enough. So all that leftover energy goes into trying to solve the little problems in her world, to push out against the walls. Her irrepressible intensity and unused energy manifest in the ability to move things with her mind. 

There are rules to this power (She can lift small things but not large ones, fling them around but not make delicate motions. She refines and strengthens her skill with practice), but these rules reflect the emotional truth that the magic represents within the diegetic reality of the story. She graduates from …

Warlock Patron: Semiramis-Nebuchadnezzar-Shamsi

Semiramis-Nebuchadnezzar-Shamsi, LLP A patron for Oblidsideryptch's lovely GLOG Warlock.

Goal: The world is a delicate balance of contracts and obligations. Spirits, ghosts, demons, gods— all varying legal terms for creatures of the same substance, bound by intricate laws rebuilt and refined over epochs. You never know what family politics have been built around their ancestor’s chain of demonic pacts, or what water rights dispute might trespass on of a long-settled divine imminence tort. There is great profit to be made in keeping these threads held together, and plucking them to the advantage of paying customers.
Equipment: Formal work attire, and an attaché case containing paper, pens, legal bona-fides, and a company letter-opener.
Boon: You have a lawyer’s education. The firm has legal possession of your soul for the duration of your employment, and keeps it secured in their vault. You can file appropriate paperwork if you want to temporarily requisition its use.
Favors: With a snap…